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Easy Solutions for HazCom Compliance

Our customers enjoy a state-of-the-art software package, where simplicity and ease of use is our first priority. Everything you and your team needs is never more than a couple of clicks away on any device, in the office or out in the field. Try the Demo

HazCom Compliance made Easy

Everything Standard & Included

We hate the nickel and dime mentality, thats why all of our features come standard for every customer big and small to enjoy. You just pay a flat rate for each chemical in your inventory.

Initial Setup You provide us your current inventory, and we will locate the most recent SDS documents, index the important data and add to your custom SDS portal. Included
SSL Secured Custom SDS Portal Every customer gets their own secure SDS portal that makes it simple for employees to quickly locate required compliance documents. Included
Administrative Users Assign employees to manage chemical inventories by job site, contract or work location. Our powerful permissions system allows you to create different types of accounts for different situations. Unlimited
Assignable Work Locations You only need one account to manage an unlimited number of facilities, job sites or contracts. Pay only one time for chemicals used throughout the organization. Easily assign administrative users to individual locations or hierarchies. Unlimited
One-click GHS labels No more cut & paste, hoping you can fit the GHS mandatory info onto your secondary container labels. Our smart technology pulls out all the required elements and automatically creates a layout for any label from any manufacturer, in just one click. Included
Fully Searchable SDS's with OCR technology Every SDS document in your library can be downloaded as a searchable PDF. Non-indexed manufacturer documents are run through optical character recognition (OCR) and automatically recompiled for easy searching. Included
24/7 Technical Support Call, email, or chat with us anytime, and speak with an actual software developer, not a call center in India. Included
Custom Programming for new features or integrations We are dedicated to helping you deploy the easiest to use, best integrated solution possible. Have an existing chemical approval process you want to tie into? Need another button or time saving function. Just ask. It's included! 10 hours annually
Click & Print PDF Hard-copy SDS Collections Sometimes it hard to get rid of the old reliable binder, or maybe you need to provide a sub-contractor a book for all chemicals on site. It's as simple as point and click. Included
In-App Email of SDS Documents Need to send an SDS or twelve? Select the documents and enter an email address, the software will take care of the heavy lifting. Included
Instant Filtering for Pictograms, Manufacturer Name, Work Locations or Keywords Our administrative interface allows you to click almost anything to instantly create a list of matching chemicals. Want to know what products you have that require an eye wash? Just type in your keyword. Included
Two-click Microsoft Excel© reports Quickly create Excel, CSV or Text reports based on any number of criteria. Included

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Our solution is broken into two parts. The simple to use employee SDS Kiosk allows for the quick search and retrieval of important chemical safety information for all employees in the work place. The administrative interface provides powerful functions for the management, organization and labeling of chemicals across your company.

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