Two Simple Options with Straight-Forward Pricing

Our customers choose between two different levels of service based upon budget and desired outsourcing.

Our low-cost SDS Toolbox provides business owners and safety professionals everything they need to deploy an electronic safety data sheet library at the workplace in compliance with OSHA requirements. Upload your own Safety Data Sheets, or pull documents from our ever expanding community library of over 1.1 million safety data sheets.

Annual Subscription

Number of Chemicals Price
Up to 500 $359.88
Up to 1000 $599.88
Up to 2500 $1199.88
2500+ $2399.88

Our full-service SDS Autopilot service is perfect for business owners and safety professionals who do not have the time to properly manage and maintain a fully compliant HazCom program on their own.  With SDS Autopilot, the Data Sheet Solutions fulfillment team will reach out directly to your chemical manufacturers and ensure that you have the chemical safety information that is required for compliance. Throughout the year all of your chemical documents will be manually verified as current, and updated when a manufacturer releases a newer document.

Annual Subscription

Number of Chemicals Price per SDS
100-500 $6.50
500-1000 $6.00
1000-2500 $5.00
2500+ $4.00

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